Slot Terms – – Glossary

Slots have evolved significantly through the years, as also the ‘language of slot machines’. Let’s take a look at some of the terms associated with slots by using this short-version glossary. situs slot

Standard Slots A single pay line, also known as straight, or “flat-top” slots, have the same top jackpot payout which does not fluctuate.

Bet Max is to wager the maximum amount of coins per spin or play. The highest payouts are when the maximum bet has been placed. In the case of multi-line slot machines, you have to bet on all paylines. However, to make sure you have enough duration, place a bet of 1-2 coins per line.

Bonus Slots features include multi-spins 5 reels with multi-lines, bonus games wild symbols and multiplier, scatter pay and hold-nudge. It is available at online casinos as well as in land-based.

Collect Cash or credit amount that is won following a session playing a slot. Bonus slots close the bonus round by pressing the option to collect.

Double or Triple Symbols: When these symbols appear in the middle of a single payline slot , in conjunction with other symbols to form winning combinations The payout amount can be tripled or doubled. Three or more identical symbols boost the amount of jackpot winnings.

Hit Frequency is the number of spins on a slot. The lower the frequency is, the better.

For instance, a number 2 is a sign of a hit on every second spin. On the other hand, 7 indicates an approximate hit. every seventh spin. It is best to get an average of a payout every second spin, instead of every seventh spin.

hold and re-spin bonus slotsPlayer holds the reel’s results as the rest of the reels spin in a solitary fashion which results in credits.

Line Bet The line bet is wagered for each one that is activated. TIP: In order to get full worth from a bonus slot with multiple lines, you must activate all paylines.

Link Jackpot Increased by percent of the coins wagered on two machines or greater.

Multi-Line Slots provide multiple paylines, that can reach as high as 50. They are generally available in penny denominations. They also include quarters, nickels, and dollars.

MultiplierSlot option where credits won are multiplied by 2X-10X in the chance to win a bonus.

Multiplier Version of Slots: pay for particular symbols that are on a graduated scale. Three reels game, you can win five coins for a ‘cherry playing one coin 10 coins for two coins, and 15 coins for three coins. The paybacks when playing one coin are less than if you were to play the maximum. coins.

slots:Slot feature where a paying symbol will drop to create a winning. The symbol could include a diamond, basketball or cherry, or even a wild symbol. Just a tiny movement and you’re on the right track. Nudge slot machines usually have the word “Deluxe” within the title.

Progressive Slots provide increasing jackpots based on the amount of money that are played on the associated bank or carousel slots. You must have a larger bankroll and all progressives have at least three-coin max slots that have two jackpot levels, both primary and second. When one of the jackpots is won value resets to minimums each. The maximum play requirement is in place here.

Reels The number of reels or wheels that are displayed in the window of the slot, imprinted with symbols that are specifically designed for that themed slot or the game.

Scatter Pays Certain symbols from the slots game which pay out even when the symbols aren’t in the exact pay line. Tips: Scatter Pays pay only on lines which has been activated using an bet.

Short win It occurs all the time. It is possible to win a huge jackpot with just a small cash investment. 15 dollars will get you $1000’s.

Slot Scheduling: Information posted on the side of the slot will tell the type of slot is available, the denomination, and the symbol combinations are possible winning amounts for each game. The information is required to be read.

Slots Types The basic, the progressive Bonus Slots, Community/Group Play are the four main categories or types.

Large Area Progressives Games that are connected to multiple casinos, region or country. Progressive jackpot amounts are shown as the same amount at every machine, regardless of the location.